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We serve major Food market customers such as Maple Lodge Farms with high volumes of tote inventory in the GTA and surrounding areas.


Our services include:

  • Automated and manual cleaning options for containers and pallets.
  • Analysis and setting Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Label Stripping, Washing and Sanitization, drying and palletizing containers.
  • Dry containers produced with our automated system for JIT customer requirements.
  • Container Inspection to minimize Pick and Fill Interruptions based on colour, type & breakage
  • Microbiological testing in-house and 3rd party labs.
  • Container retirement program and Recycling Credit.
  • Buffer inventory for peak demands in our plant.
  • Trailer sanitization programs.

Food Safety

To maintain hygiene standards, BoxSys uses Diversey detergents and sanitizers from Sealed Air which are CFIA approved chemicals. Microbial Swabs are monitored by third party labs, such as Maxxam. All food totes go through a complete cleaning and sanitation program.



Boxsys is providing cleaning services to major Pharmaceutical Manufactures, Distribution Centre, Medical Suppliers, Hospitals and Clinics, Medical Equipment suppliers and Retail Drug Stores. Boxsys offer wide range of cleaning options to clean Container, Pallets, Bulk Bins, Straight wall container and Hinged lid Containers, pails and Barrels.


Boxsys has been providing Cleaning and Maintenance services to many Retail distributors, Storage container distributors, and Retail stores for over twenty years. We established a container maintenance plan that will minimize customers's long term supply chain costs.

Boxsys is committed to continuously Improving its management strategies. Boxsys has the expertise to satisfy customers and meet growth requirements.

We clean a wide range of retail containers, such as straight wall containers, hinged lids, totes with inserts, trays, bulk bins and plastic pallets. We manually clean and sanitize odd sized containers.

Our services include:

·         Automated and manual cleaning Options

·         Label stripping, washing and sanitation

·         Natural Drying containers

·         Hinged-lid container repair services

·         Container retirement program with a recycling credit

·         Asset control and fleet management expertise


Boxsys has providing Cleaning and Maintenance services to Major Automotive Manufacturers, distributors and automotive suppliers for over twenty years. We clean a wide range of different types of automotive containers such as Straight wall container, Hinged Lid, totes with Inserts, Full Tray (44x40), half trays and collapsible bins

Our services include:

  • Automated and Manual Cleaning Options to remove soils e.g. oil and grease
  • Label stripping, Washing and sanitation
  • Drying dunnage before packing


BoxSys offers container repair services to many customers. We repair broken hinged lid containers, which are re-used by the customer, therefore extending the life of the container. Our container retirement and recycling credit programs offer a cost effective option for our customers, whereby containers are fitted with new lids instead of being completely scraped and replaced


BoxSys has been providing a single source service and quality Management System to our customers. Our process is designed to meet rigid quality standards, including: inspections, repairs and retirement services to our customer's requirements.

We established a container maintenance plan that will minimize customers' long term supply chain costs. BoxSys is committed to continually training its staff in order to provide continued improvement of the product and systems with the latest technology.

We provide recycling services to many of our customers. We sort and inspect broken and damaged containers in the packing process. Once the containers have been identified, they are held for the customers’ approval. After the customer arrange for a third party to regrind the broken containers, the customers are credited for their broken containers.